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Yes, I'm back with another picspam for picspammy, this time for Challenge 18. Same concept as the last one, but this time it's a list of fifty! Which means that there are A LOT of images + text under the cut, so beware if you have a slow internet connection.

This time I chose to do my Top 50 Booth/Brennan moments. It was ridiculously hard narrowing it down to only 50 from the entire series. At one point I changed my mind and decided to only focus on season two and managed to find 50 from that season alone. In the end I stuck with overall because there were some super adorable moments I wanted to picspam. I didn't try that hard to rank them since I love moment #50 as much as #1, so feel free to just ignore that. Obviously there are many, many great scenes missing, but sadly I couldn't include them all.

So without further ado, here it is! I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. :)

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4x02 Yanks in the U.K.
BRENNAN: Come on. We should go before someone else gets killed.
BOOTH: Yeah, you’re right. (clears throat) Here we go. Oh! (he sticks out his arm for her) My arm?
BRENNAN: Thank you. (she takes it) Thank you, Sir Seeley.
BOOTH: Ah, pleasure, Lady Temperance.
BRENNAN: (laughing) You sound Australian.
BOOTH: I don’t sound Australian.

5x12 The Proof in the Pudding
BOOTH: Shall we?
(He holds out his arm to Brennan, and she links arms with him.)
BRENNAN: We shall.
BOOTH: You know, you must think I'm crazy for being so happy that it wasn't JFK.
BRENNAN: I'm very impressed. You wanted the truth, even if it was going to hurt you.
BOOTH: I learned that from you.
BRENNAN: Really?
BOOTH: Yeah. I mean, sometimes you have to go with your brain over your gut.
BRENNAN: That's nice. But I prefer that you always go with your brain over your gut because your gut cannot think.
BOOTH: Your brain can't digest a breakfast burrito. Just saying, to each their own.
BRENNAN: To each their own.


5x05 A Night at the Bones Museum
BOOTH: So, Andrew... I thought you were going to take him to this thing. That’s what he told me.
BRENNAN: I was, yes, but... you and I, this was our case. And I guess... what goes on between us, that should just be ours. Isn’t that what you said?
BOOTH: Yeah.


2x21 Stargazer in a Puddle
BOOTH: Bones?
BOOTH: He could have gotten away.
BOOTH: We go into a fight, and your dad could have escaped capture.
BRENNAN: So he beat you in a fight?
BOOTH: No, no I didn’t say that.
BRENNAN: What, so you beat him but you gave him a chance to escape?
BOOTH: No, I didn’t say that.
BRENNAN: Well I don’t see any other alternative.
BOOTH: No, he didn’t run away because he felt if he abandoned you, he would have lost you forever. Just thought you should know.
(Brennan hugs him and Booth smiles.)
BRENNAN: Thanks, Booth.
ANGELA: Um hi, I’d uh like to get married now.


2x16 The Boneless Bride in the River
BRENNAN: What are you doing here?
BOOTH: I'm waving goodbye. See? (waves)
BRENNAN: What do you want?
BOOTH: Breakfast.
BRENNAN: I'm not hungry.
BOOTH: Oh, come on, huh? What are ya gonna vomit when we come across one of those, uh, horrific cases?
BRENNAN: I don't vomit.
BOOTH: Give it time, Bones, okay? Give it time. Everything happens eventually.
BRENNAN: Everything?
BOOTH: All the stuff, okay, that you think never happens – it happens. You just gotta be ready for it.


5x11 The X in the File
BOOTH: Maybe aliens are anthropologists. Maybe they just want to study our religion, and sex, and love, and our fine languages, and line dancing.
BRENNAN: That's an interesting possibility I hadn't considered.
BOOTH: Well living creatures, they like to reach out, Bones.
BRENNAN: Living creatures like to reach out and eat each other.
BOOTH: Oh. So what are you saying - that aliens are going to come down here and drink our spinal fluid?
BRENNAN: Well if the aliens are advanced enough to fly faster than light, then they could probably make spinal fluid.
BOOTH: Then you just said that aliens are nice.
BRENNAN: I did not.
BOOTH: You basically said that aliens are nice anthropologists.
BRENNAN: I don't think so.
BOOTH: You think aliens are you.
BRENNAN: (laughs) You got me. You know, I'm- I'm one of them. I was sent down as an advanced scout.
BOOTH: (laughs and pokes her) Ha! I knew it. Hey, no probing, no probing.
BRENNAN: Hey! Probing is a valuable way to gather information.
BOOTH: You know how you people like to probe.


3x06 Intern in the Incinerator
BOOTH: (taps Brennan on the shoulder) I know your password, too. It’s daffodil.
BRENNAN: I never told you that!
BOOTH: What? I got eyes. I mean you guys aren’t exactly CIA material.
HODGINS: Daffodil?
BRENNAN: What? They’re pretty.
BRENNAN: I’ll have Zack check all these as possible murder weapons. (to Booth) And I’m changing my password. (moves to the computer, using her hand to shield the screen)
BOOTH: Daisy?
BRENNAN: How did you know?
BOOTH: It’s your second favorite flower. I know you Bones. Try a planet. (walks away, Brennan nods and begins to type. Booth walks a few steps and then snaps and turns around) Jupiter!


3x04 The Secret in the Soil
SWEETS: I have observed some underlying issues that need to be addressed.
BOOTH: Issues?
SWEETS: Yes. There's clearly a very deep emotional attachment between you two.
BOOTH: We're just partners.
SWEETS: And why do you think I would have thought otherwise?
BOOTH: 'Cause you're 12.
BRENNAN: Don't read into anything that Booth said. We're professionals. There's a line that doesn't even need to be there.
BOOTH: Not at all, I mean, if there were no more murders, I would probably not even, you know, see her.
BRENNAN: That's very true.
BOOTH: Might have coffee.
BRENNAN: Probably not.
BOOTH: What?
BOOTH: You wouldn't even have coffee with me?
BRENNAN: Well, in your scenario, we wouldn't even know each other because there are no murders.
BOOTH: Were. I said "no more murders."
BRENNAN: Then fine. I mean, we could have a coffee. So that's clear, then? I mean, we'd have coffee and that's our relationship? Coffee.
BOOTH: Yeah, let's move on.


4x16 The Bones that Foam
BRENNAN: You haven't said anything about my interrogation.
BOOTH: Okay, you know what? You did great, okay, better than I thought.
BRENNAN: I was terrible. Everybody's right. I lack empathy.
BOOTH: You got empathy. You're awkward. That's different.
BRENNAN: My stuff is bones, yours is people.
BOOTH: Right. So you're admitting that I'm better at something than you are?
BRENNAN: No... Yes. A lot better.
BOOTH: Thanks, Bones.


3x01 The Widow's Son in the Windshield
BOOTH: Get down!
(He tackles her and he falls on top of her to the floor, but the expected explosion doesn’t happen.)
BRENNAN: Why are your eyes closed?
BOOTH: I thought we were going to get blown up.
BRENNAN: It’s just a transmitter.
BOOTH: Oh, now whoever owns this place knows we’re here.
BRENNAN: I’m curious. In an explosion, how would shutting your eyes help?
BOOTH: Huh? It just does. Okay, Bones. It just does. Now be careful, we don’t know what else is in here.

4x19 The Scientist in the Physicist
HODGINS: (from inside the experiment room) FIRE IN THE HOLE!!
(Booth and Brennan both turn to look when an explosion goes off in the room shaking the walls. Booth throws Brennan against the wall in an effort to protect her.)
BOOTH: What the hell was that?
(Hodgins and Vincent walk out of the room coughing and trying to clear the smoke.)
HODGINS: We’re okay. Everything’s fine.
BRENNAN: We should get out of here before lockdown. Let Cam deal with them.
BOOTH: Yeah. (They grab hands and run out just as the alarms go off the and doors shut.)


4x04 The Finger in the Nest
BOOTH: Bones, just... speak from your heart.
BRENNAN: On behalf of humankind, universe, I’d like to apologize for what happened to Ripley. He was born a cute little puppy and then the people who adopted him wanted to kill him because they were too stupid to realize that he would grow into a big dog.
BOOTH: That’s good.
BRENNAN: Ripley was a good dog. He didn’t wanna fight. But he did it to please his master. Y’know, he didn’t want to attack a human being, but he did it to please his master. You know, it wasn’t Ripley’s fault that his master was cruel and selfish. Like all dogs, Ripley only saw the good in people. Dogs are like that. People should take a lesson.
BRENNAN: Is that enough?
BOOTH: Yeah. As much as any good dog... (reaches out to touch her shoulder) hey, could hope for. Even with limited vocabulary skills, okay?


2x11 Judas on a Pole
BRENNAN: That’s too much blood. Nobody could survive tha- that much blood loss. Nobody.
BOOTH: (Brennan falls into him) Alright. Okay. It’s alright.
BRENNAN: Oh my god.
BRENNAN: It’s against the not calling in a murder.
BOOTH: It wasn’t a murder. It was a bloodstain.
BRENNAN: That much’s mur-it’s murder.
BOOTH: We call it in, the next thing is - we find ourselves under arrest.
BRENNAN: That had to be Russ’s blood.
BOOTH: You got a sample, right? We’ll check the DNA at the lab. Until then, hey - who’s the one that always says ‘don’t jump to conclusions’?
BRENNAN: Yeah, you’re right. Thanks. I wish you wouldn’t keep letting me hug you when I get scared.
BOOTH: Hey, I get scared and I’ll hug you. We’ll call it even.


4x20 The Cinderella in the Cardboard
BRENNAN: You know, intellectually I know that jealousy is absurd. But I see that it's real for people. I even experience it myself.
BOOTH: So... who are you jealous of?
BRENNAN: Angela. Hodgins. Cam. You.
BRENNAN: Because you all want to lose yourself in another person. You believe that love is transcendent and eternal. I want to believe that, too.
BOOTH: Hey, you will. I promise. Someday you will. You will someday, okay? You will.

5x13 The Dentist in the Ditch
BRENNAN: When Booth and I first met, I didn’t believe that such a thing as love existed. I maintained that it was simply brain chemistry, but perhaps Booth is correct. Perhaps love comes first and then creates the reaction. I have no tangible proof, but I’m willing to accept Booth’s premise.
BOOTH: To love.


3x02 Soccer Mom in the Minivan
BRENNAN: I saw my father.
BOOTH: Wow. I didn't think that you were gonna do that.
BRENNAN: As an anthropologist, I accept change as the natural order of things - but with him I didn't allow for transformation. Ya know, I predicted his behavior based on a set of out modeled preconceptions. It wasn't rational.
BOOTH: Wow. I - I didn't get any of that.
BRENNAN: If I was conducting an objective experiment on my father, observing his behavior, I'd have to conclude that he loves me.
BOOTH: Hmm. Why? What happened?
BRENNAN: We played cards.
BOOTH: Cool.
BRENNAN: I killed him.
BOOTH: Good for you.


5x06 The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken
BOOTH: Listen, Bones, I would do anything for you. I would die for you, I would kill for you. But I am not getting in between two best friends.
BOOTH: Listen, Bones, everything is gonna be okay between you and Angela, alright? You two are like sisters.
BRENNAN: I’m just not used to not getting along with people.
SWEETS: Seriously? Cause it seems like- (Booth kicks him under the table.)
BRENNAN: Thanks, Booth.


3x01 The Widow's Son in the Windshield
BOOTH: Hey, it’s hot! You were gonna burn yourself, Bones.
BRENNAN: Thank you.
BOOTH: Look, there’s something else I gotta know, and it’s important. We solid?
BRENNAN: You and me? Yeah!
BOOTH: No, not just you and me. Squints, too. Zack is back for good. Angela and Hodgins have their head back in the game. Cam, she’s locked in.
BRENNAN: Why are you asking me this?
BOOTH: Because. You and me – the center.
BRENNAN: And the center must hold.
BOOTH: Right. So, are we gonna hold?
BRENNAN: Yeah. We’ll hold. We’re the center.
BOOTH: The center. Haha.
BRENNAN: What’s funny?
BOOTH: Ha, I thought you were going to kiss my hand again.
BRENNAN: I did not kiss your hand. You put it over my coffee cup.
BOOTH: Huh, felt like you kissed it.


3x08 The Knight on the Grid
BRENNAN: Thank you, Booth.
BOOTH: Oh, this never happened. Don’t thank me. As far as the bureau is concerned I caught him here, fifteen minutes from now.
(Brennan leans up and kisses Booths cheek.)
BRENNAN: Thank you. Booth.
BOOTH: Just don’t tell anyone.


4x26 The End in the Beginning


4x10 The Passenger in the Oven
BOOTH: Alright, what I want you to do is take off your glasses, shake out your hair, and say, "Mr. Booth, do you know what the penalty is for an overdue book?"
BOOTH: Nevermind.


3x09 The Santa in the Slush
BRENNAN: Did you talk to the judge about the trailer?
CAROLINE: Yes, I did. What about your end?
(Brennan points at the mistletoe.)
CAROLINE: Well, look at that. Mistletoe. You take a step to your right and you'll be right under the cute little sprig.
(Brennan leans in and grabs Booth into a kiss.)
BRENNAN: (trying to regain her composure) Was that enough steamboats?
CAROLINE: Plenty. A whole flotilla.
BOOTH: I don't know what that means, but, um, Merry Christmas.
BRENNAN: It was like – kissing my brother.
CAROLINE: You sure must like your brother.
BOOTH: She does.


4x14 The Hero in the Hold
BRENNAN: Hurry, Booth, come on! Booth, come on! Hurry!


3x15 The Pain in the Heart
BRENNAN: I never gave him anything.
ANGELA: Brennan, he totally loved you. I mean, as much as he was capable.
BRENNAN: (getting up) But I never gave him anything.
(She leaves and Angela starts after her until...)
BOOTH: Angela.
(Booth then follows after Brennan who is sitting on the stairs, head in her hands, when he finally catches up to her. He sits down next to her and starts reading the letter that he had pulled out of the box earlier.)
BOOTH: “Dear Mr. Addy. It is my pleasure to offer you the post of my intern in Forensic Anthropology. I choose you from hundreds of applicants because of your knowledge, your desire to learn and because I feel you will find a home here.” I think you gave him something great, Bones.


5x01 Harbingers in the Fountain
BOOTH: Ok, I got it. I got it. Just relax. Just trust me, alright? I’ll take care of you. Shhh. I’ve got you. Breathe. I’ll take care of you. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. I got you. (kisses Brennan’s head) I’ve got you, baby.


1x15 Two Bodies in the Lab
BOOTH: You know, I let you down, Brennan. I'm sorry.
BRENNAN: You saved my life.
BOOTH: Yeah but you know, I shouldn't... it shouldn't have gone down like that.
BRENNAN: What a pair.
BRENNAN: (Phone rings) Brennan. Um, I'm leaving right now. (To Booth) David. We're finally having our dinner.
BOOTH: Well I figured you didn't dress up for me.
BRENNAN: You sure you don't want anything?
BOOTH: Nah, I'll be fine. I'm just going to you know, flip around the TV here.
BRENNAN: Okay I'll see you tomorrow.
BOOTH: Yeah, have a good night.
BRENNAN: Thanks.
(Booth flips through stations and stop on The Grape of Wrath. He looks down thinking and when he looks back up, Brennan is standing at the foot of his bed.)
BRENNAN: I rescheduled. head still hurts.
BOOTH: Well you can watch TV if you'd like.
(Sitting back in the chair next to his bed, Brennan leans in toward Booth.)
BOOTH: Bones, arm. (Brennan sits back up.) Thanks.


1x22 The Woman in Limbo
BRENNAN: My name is Brennan. I’m Dr. – I’m Dr. Temperance Brennan. I work at the Jeffersonian Institution. I’m a forensic anthropologist. I specialize in identif – in identifying – in identifying people when nobody knows who they are. My father was a science teacher. My mother was a bookkeeper. My brother – I have a brother. I’m Dr. Temperance Brennan.
BOOTH: I know who you are. Hey. I know. (He pulls her into him.) It’s okay. Shh. It’s gonna be alright.


4x13 Fire in the Ice
BRENNAN: I'm not positive this is a good idea.
BOOTH: Oh, I got you! I got you. Stay up here. (Brennan falls down) Okay, it's all right. Here we go, one more. (Booth picks Brennan up) Well, you know what, I got to stay up all night, so who better to keep me company than you?
BRENNAN: You and me skating is saving you from slipping into a coma?
BOOTH: Oh, easy, Bones. Now I'm gonna go down.
BRENNAN: I have a lot of natural athletic ability.
BOOTH: Oh, yeah, natural. I can... I can see that. Real smooth and natural. That's it. Well done.
BRENNAN: That Agent Perotta, she really enjoyed working with us.
BOOTH: Yeah.
BRENNAN: But, um... you're the only FBI agent I want to work with. Will you tell me what the Lucky Luciano told you?
BOOTH: He's not an Italian opera singer. Bones, why do you always say that wrong? You do it on purpose, don't you?
BRENNAN: I would like to know what he said.
BOOTH: He said that I'm not like my old man. He said I'm made of better stuff.
BRENNAN: Well... I don't know your old man, your father, but... I think you're made of very, very good stuff.
BOOTH: Hey, you know what? Forget about Agent Perotta, all right? Nothing's gonna change between me and you.
BRENNAN: Well, entropy is a natural force that pulls everything apart at a subatomic level. Everything changes.
BOOTH: Not everything, Bones.
BOOTH: Not everything.
BRENNAN: You're gonna make me fall.
BOOTH: I'm never gonna make you fall. I'm always here.


3x07 The Boy in the Time Capsule
BOOTH: I could've stopped it. I could've stepped in and helped the kid out. Instead I-I didn't. Chose my side, and it was the wrong side.
BRENNAN: So you were humiliated because you didn't act like a hero?
BOOTH: Fine. Fine. You know what? I'm perfect. My life was perfect.
BRENNAN: It's a good story, okay? But it's a bad one. I - it's both, I guess. I mean, I get it.
BOOTH: Yeah?
BRENNAN: (noticing that Booth has something in his hand) What is that?
BOOTH: Nothing.
BRENNAN: Well, you evolved. And evolution is very impressive, and that is definitely not nothing.
BOOTH: (holding up Brainy Smurf) This?
BRENNAN: Did you bring that for me?
BRENNAN: Good, because it's the wrong Smurf. I liked Smurfette. That's Brainy Smurf.
BOOTH: Well, Smurfette was a stupid, shallow Smurf who only had her looks. Look, you're better than Smurfette. You have your looks and a whole lot more.
BRENNAN: You did bring that for me to charm me in case I didn't find your humiliation story impressive, but I did, so...
BOOTH: Aha! So I did impress you.
BRENNAN: That's what impressive means, dummy. You're such a Philistine.
BOOTH: (laughs) I'll tell you what. You can hold on to this, and it will remind you how far I've come.
BRENNAN: I forgive you for snorting, Booth.
BOOTH: Evolution is a long, long process. It takes hundreds of years.
BRENNAN: Thousands.
BOOTH: Why do you have to always correct me?
BRENNAN: To help you evolve.


4x21 Mayhem on the Cross
BRENNAN: My foster parents locked me in the trunk of a car for two days when I broke a dish. I was a very clumsy child. They warned me it would happen, but the water was so hot and the... soap was so slippery. I still don’t think it was fair, even though they gave me fair warning. The water was so hot...
SWEETS: No, it wasn’t fair at all. It wasn’t your fault.
BOOTH: (Takes a handkerchief out of his pocket and holds it out to her.) Bones, what are you doin’?
BRENNAN: You said that scars on the back was a metaphor. Isn’t that why we’re here? To metaphorically compare scars?
BOOTH: I came to bring Sweets back to my place for dinner, that’s all. (She takes the handkerchief.)
SWEETS: Scars on the back?
BRENNAN: I saw them, Sweets.
SWEETS: So.. (sighs) what? You decided to just share something from your past? (Brennan nods.) That is so unlike you.
BRENNAN: I still hate psychology. (Turns to Booth.) Okay. Your turn. Go.
BOOTH: I came here to bring Sweets back to my place for dinner, that’s all. (Brennan gives him a look.) Okay, if it wasn’t for my grandfather, I probably would’ve killed myself when I was a kid. That’s all I’m going to say on the subject matter. Understand? Are you okay, Bones?
BRENNAN: Yeah, I’m fine. Here. (She folds up his handkerchief and puts it in the front pocket of his suit over his heart, pressing her hand to it. He covers her hand with his for a moment before she withdraws her hand.)
BRENNAN: (To Sweets.) Why are you nodding?
SWEETS: Nothing. Just... Wyatt made an observation about you two, and I think I just saw what he saw.


1x01 Pilot
BOOTH: You know, being a sniper I took a lot of lives. What I’d like to do before I’m done is try and catch at least that many murderers.
BRENNAN: Please! You don’t think there’s some kind of cosmic balance sheet...
BRENNAN: I’d like to help you with that.


4x22 Double Death of the Dearly Departed
BOOTH: If I die, I want you to do me a favor.
BRENNAN: Well, you will die, Booth. It's inevitable.
BOOTH: All right, whatever, Bones. When I inevitably drop dead before you, I'd like you to come out and, you know, spend some time and talk to me every once in a while.
BRENNAN: Well, I'll feel foolish knowing that you can't hear me.
BOOTH: Promise me.
BRENNAN: I promise.
BOOTH: Hey! There you go, huh? Hey, you agreed. I didn't think you would agree. Now, why did you agree?
BRENNAN: I believe that if I pretended you were still here, I'd feel better for a moment. Also, speaking to you would require me to figuratively look at myself through your eyes - again temporarily - and I think that would make me live my life more successfully.
BOOTH: Hmm, you know what, Bones? That is the best thing that anyone has ever said about me.
BRENNAN: I'll say it at your wake.
BOOTH: Oh, it's raining now. Come on. Get under the umbrella. It's raining. Just make sure when they put me in the ground, I'm dead.
BRENNAN: Yeah, no problem.
BOOTH: All right? Maybe, ah, you know, leave my body out for a few hours and check on me every once in a while.
BRENNAN: No. I'd rather refrigerate you, or else you'd start to smell.


2x10 The Headless Witch in the Woods
BRENNAN: It's a good thing I like being alone.
BOOTH: You know what? Bones, you're not alone. Okay? Come here.
BOOTH: Hey, you're my partner. Okay? It's a guy hug. Take it.


4x24 The Beaver in the Otter
BRENNAN: So, uh, do you really think you have to be bad to be good?
BOOTH: Yeah, I do.
BRENNAN: Well, I’ve never done anything bad.
BOOTH: I believe you.
BRENNAN: I mean, I’ve made mistakes, of course, but I’ve never purposely done anything bad.
BOOTH: And I believe you.
BRENNAN: I don’t want my frontal lobe to be a dried up raisin.
BOOTH: You know what? We’re going to do something bad now!
BOOTH: Have you ever dined and dashed? You know the concept, right? We’re gonna run outta here without paying the bill.
BRENNAN: No...That’s stealing.
BOOTH: That’s why they call it bad. We’re doing something bad.
BRENNAN: No! No! I can’t...really? No!
BOOTH: Come on. (he gets up)
BRENNAN: Are you serious?
BRENNAN: Oh my God!
BOOTH: Three! Go, go go!
(She gets up and starts running. Booth takes out a bill from his pocket and leaves it on the bar. He runs after her.)
BRENNAN: No, no, OH! We’re bad. We’re bad!
BOOTH: Get in the car!
BRENNAN: Woohoo! We’re baaaaad!


1x15 Two Bodies in the Lab
BOOTH: Music, what do we got, Bones? Wow! World music. Oh, there's a shock. Tibetan throat singers. Rock on, Brennan.
BRENNAN: That's mostly for work so...
BOOTH: Kanye West, Cat Power... Oh, oh. Look at this! Man, lots of jazz. Wow! I think all that free-form stuff would be a little bit too unpredictable for you.
BRENNAN: No, I love it. The artist has to live within a set tonal structure and trust his own instincts to find his way out of an infinite maze of musical possibilities and the great ones do. (Booth smiles at her) What?
BOOTH: Oh nothing, I just...I just never expected that you would, you know.
BRENNAN: That I would love music? Well I don't usually get to talk about it but since you brought it up I thought...
BOOTH: No, hey. I didn't mean to make you feel self conscious or... Whoa, what's this? Ha.
BRENNAN: What is it?
BOOTH: Nice.
(He plays the CD and it's the song Hot Blooded by Foreigner.)
BRENNAN: Uh, how did that get there?
BOOTH: Oh please everybody loves Foreigner. Hot Blooded? Talk about a guilty pleasure. Check it baby.
(Booth starts to sing and play air guitar to the music. Brennan stares at him for a minute then smiles. She starts to join him by singing and pretending to play guitar too.)


3x05 The Mummy in the Maze
BRENNAN: Where is everybody?
BOOTH: At the party, I guess.
BRENNAN: We could still go.
BOOTH: Ah, we look like hell.
BRENNAN: It's a Halloween party. We could be Wonder Woman and, what's Superman's secret identity?
BOOTH: Clark Kent.
BRENNAN: Yes. We could be Wonder Woman and Clark Kent after a really, really bad date.
BOOTH: Yeah, bad date because you shot me.
BRENNAN: It was only a flesh wound. And you dropped me on my head.
BOOTH: After you shot me. Okay, I think I got you on this one. Okay, Wonder Woman?
BRENNAN: I'm sorry you had to kill someone. I know you hate that.
BOOTH: Yeah, he had it coming.
BRENNAN: You hate it. I'm sorry that happened to you.
BOOTH: We saved the girl. That's a pretty good date.
BRENNAN: Except not really a date.
BOOTH: I know. It was...
BRENNAN: ... work. Not a date.
BOOTH: Really, really hard one.
BRENNAN: And we're not really Wonder Woman and Clark Kent. We're Brennan and Booth.
BOOTH: Look, you're the one who brought up the date analogy.
BRENNAN: You hungry?
BOOTH: Yeah.
BRENNAN: Me, too.
(Booth and Brennan get up. Booth leads, and Brennan lags behind.)
BOOTH: Okay, let's go grab a bite to eat.
(While Booth heads towards the door, Brennan stops, and begins to spin around in a circle with her arms up at her sides. Booth turns around.)
BOOTH: What the hell are you doing?
BRENNAN: Nothing.


3x14 The Wannabe in the Weeds
BRENNAN: "I come home in the morning light,
My mother says 'When you gonna live your life right?'
Oh mother dear, we're not the fortunate ones,
And girls, they wanna have fun.
Oh, girls just wanna have fun!
The phone rings in the middle of the night,
My father yells 'What you gonna do with your life?'
Oh daddy dear, you know you're still number one,
But girls, they wanna have fun,
Oh girls just wanna have
That's all they really want...
Some fun..."


5x02 The Bond in the Boot
BOOTH: You know, Bones. I’m glad that we don’t have any secrets between each other.
BRENNAN: Yeah. I like that.
BOOTH: I mean, if we have something on our mind, we just share it.
BRENNAN: Sure. Even with all the financial and intellectual contradictions, I still feel close to you.
BOOTH: Right. Because, you know, none of that matters anyway.
BRENNAN: Well, sometimes looking at it through your eyes, I believe that.


5x12 The Proof in the Pudding
BRENNAN: (laughs as he hugs her) You really didn't want this to be JFK.
BOOTH: Y'know, you kept looking because of me. Thanks, Bones.


2x08 The Woman in the Sand
BOOTH: Whatever, Bones, alright? We're a loosely committed couple of hot high rollers. See, with money to burn. Cause that is what's gonna get us in the door.
BRENNAN: (comes out of the bathroom) Like this?
BOOTH: (staring at Brennan) Yeah. Yeah, like that.
(Brennan's phone rings and she goes over to answer it.)
BRENNAN: (into phone) Hey, Cam.
CAM: (at the Jeffersonian) Dr. Brennan. Judging by the angle of the blows, Billie's last opponent was 5'6” and left handed.
ANGELA: With a fist size of approximately 90mm. Zack measured.
(Camera cuts back to the room. Booth zips up Brennan's dress.)
BOOTH: That's hot.
ANGELA: Hot? Wait a minute, what's hot?
BOOTH: Ah, nothing. Vegas. Vegas is hot. It's very hot here.


4x09 The Con Man in the Meth Lab
BRENNAN: I would like to propose a toast to my partner, Seeley Booth. To Booth. I know who he is, but I forget sometimes because... because he never shines a light on himself. He shines it on other people.
BOOTH: Yeah, right after I conk them on the head with it.
BRENNAN: Anthropology teaches us that the alpha male is the man wearing the crown, displaying the most colorful plumage and the shiniest baubles, he stands out from the others. But I now think that anthropology may have it wrong. In working with Booth, I've come to realize that the quiet man, the invisible man, the man who is always there for friends and family - that's the real alpha male. And I promise that my eyes will never be caught by those shiny baubles again. Happy birthday, Booth.
BOOTH: Thanks, Bones.


4x25 The Critic in the Cabernet
BRENNAN: The surgery should take about two hours.
BOOTH: I was getting used to hallucinating. It’s gonna get lonely.
BRENNAN: You’re gonna be fine, Booth. Dr. Jurzik is one of the best.
BOOTH: Would you come in there with me, to the operating room?
BRENNAN: No, I’ll see you in recovery.
BOOTH: Oh, come on, what are you gonna do, sit in the waiting room and read all those old magazines for hours?
BRENNAN: I’m not a neurologist, Booth, or a surgeon.
BOOTH: Yeah, but you’re a genius. That’s good enough for me. Plus, you’ll know if they’re screwing up.
BRENNAN: I’ll ask.


2x09 Aliens in a Spaceship


5x10 The Goop on the Girl
BRENNAN: You have a perfect acromion. Stand up.
BOOTH: Okay.
BRENNAN: Off the table.
(Brennan kneels in front of Booth and reaches for his belt.)
BOOTH: Whoa. What... what, is there stuff on my pants?
BRENNAN: Yeah. Vascular tissue on your Cocky belt buckle.
BOOTH: Oh, right. Slides right off, and, uh, we're done.
BRENNAN: I have to remove your pants.
BOOTH: All right, you know, I'm just gonna start reciting some saints, you know. St. Joseph, St. Peter, St. Paul, St. John...


3x09 The Santa in the Slush
BRENNAN: I love my gift, Booth.
BOOTH: Merry Christmas, Bones.


1x05 A Boy in a Bush
BOOTH: You look nice. Better than nice, you look, uh... very...
BRENNAN: Thanks.
BOOTH: Bones, how did you know I was gonna keep your promise?
BRENNAN: What promise?
BOOTH: To get Shawn and David back with Margaret Sanders.
BRENNAN: Maybe I was lying. To catch the bad guy. I learned that trick from you. The end justifies the means.
(Booth moves to leave.)
(He stops, turns back.)
BRENNAN: I knew you’d back me up. I knew you wouldn’t make me a liar.
BOOTH: Hmm. How did you know?
BRENNAN: Because you want to go to heaven.
BOOTH: But you don’t believe in heaven.
BRENNAN: But you do.


1x21 The Soldier on the Grave
BOOTH: I've done some things.
BRENNAN: I know.
BOOTH: No, no, you don't.
BRENNAN: But it's okay.
BOOTH: Well, not-- not as a secret... it's not. I have to be uh, honest about myself. I-- I have to be able to tell someone.
BRENNAN: You will in time, Booth. You will.
BOOTH: I was sent to Kosovo. There was this Serb, General Raddick, who led a unit who would go into villages and, you know, destroy 'em. Women, children, all-- all killed because he wanted to ethnically purify his country. He'd done this twice before. I mean, we had facts, proof. 232 people just erased.
BOOTH: I was the sniper sent in to stop him. He was set to leave in a couple hours. It was his son's-- son's birthday. A little boy maybe about six or seven. I can still hear the music from the party, you know? That song just playing in my head. Nobody knew where the shot came from, but, you know, they knew why it came.
BOOTH: They said I saved over a hundred people. But, you know, that little boy who didn't know who his father was, who-- who just loved him... he saw him die, fall to the ground right in front of him. That little boy all covered in his daddy's blood was changed forever. It's never just-- it's never just the one person who dies, Bones. Never. Never.
BOOTH: You know, we all die a little bit, Bones. With each shot, we all die a little bit.


3x06 Intern in the Incinerator
BRENNAN: I’m offended! Because...
BOOTH: Because you were betrayed by one of your own.
BRENNAN: Yes. Are you going to betray me?
BOOTH: No. (they toast)
BRENNAN: Nonetheless, I shall be vigilant. (they take the shots)
BOOTH: “Nonetheless”? (they laugh)
BRENNAN: I’m not gonna have a headache tomorrow, am I?
BOOTH: Well, we’re gonna find out. Hodgins and Zack, they do their experiments. We do ours. (they toast) To Gorgonzola.
BRENNAN: Gormogon. (they take the shots, set the cups down and before Brennan can crush hers, it falls off the table)
BOOTH: You missed. (laughs)


3x13 The Verdict in the Story
BOOTH: Bones, wanting your father to come home instead of going to prison, that's- that's okay.
BRENNAN: But what I do – what we do is put murders like him away.
BOOTH: Okay. You're not Dr. Brennan today. You're Temperance.
BRENNAN: I don't know what that means.
BOOTH: The scientist part of you got sidelined, temporarily.
BRENNAN: I still don't know what that means.
BOOTH: Bones, just, take the brain, okay, put it in neutral. Alright? Take the heart – pop it into overdrive.
(Booth inmates a car engine revving and pretends to drive. Brennan laughs.)
BRENNAN: Sometimes I think you're from another planet. And sometimes I think you're really very nice.
BOOTH: (to Brennan) That's a lot of heart, Bones.
BOOTH: Could Bones have killed Kirby? Temperance Brennan – I've worked with this woman. I've stood over death with her, I've faced down death with her. And Sweets, he's brilliant, he is, but he's wrong. She could not have done this.


2x11 Judas on a Pole
BRENNAN: I’m just...I’m just one of those people who doesn’t get to be in a family. That’s-
BOOTH: Listen, Bones, hey. There’s more than one kind of family... (they hold each other’s gaze until Zack knocks on the diner window to get their attention) Well, hell, Zack got the job, right?
BRENNAN: Come in and congratulate him.
BOOTH: Nah, you know he’s your squint, not my squint.
BRENNAN: No, Booth...we are all of us, your squints. Do me a favor and pat Zack on the shoulder with an open hand.
BOOTH: What? Why? Does that mean something?


2x04 The Blonde in the Game
BOOTH: You know, you’re afraid that Epps turned you into him – into a killer. You have to come to grips with the fact that you killed another human being. Because when you kill someone, you know, there’s a cost. It’s a steep cost. I know. I’ve done it.
BRENNAN: I did the right thing.
BOOTH: I know. I was there.
(She looks down at the photo of Sarah Koskoff – a big tear hits the image)
BRENNAN: Oh. Look what I did.
BOOTH: It doesn’t matter.
BRENNAN: It does. It matters.
BOOTH: I got something for ya.
BRENNAN: A bottle of hard liquor?
BOOTH: The next best thing. Hmm? Meet... Jasper. You’re gonna be okay.
BOOTH: Definitely.


2x09 Aliens in a Spaceship
BRENNAN: I’m okay with you thanking God for saving me and Hodgins.
BOOTH: That’s not what I thanked Him for. I thanked Him for saving...all of us. It was all of us. Every. Single. One. You take one of us away, and you and Hodgins are in that hole forever. And I’m thankful for that.
BRENNAN: (voice breaking a bit) I knew you wouldn’t give up.
BOOTH: I knew you wouldn’t give up.


1x15 Two Bodies in the Lab
BOOTH: (Hurrying to Brennan and pulling off the gag) Alright. Okay, Alright. Hold on. (Ducking his head under the hook between her arms, he lifts her off the hook and they both fall to their knees holding onto one another) Oh, it’s okay. I’m right here. It’s all over. Okay. Shh. I’m right here, alright. It’s all over. Shh...alright.
BRENNAN: How did you get out of the hospital?
BOOTH: Hodgins gave me a ride. Maybe...maybe you could give me a ride back though, huh? (Brennan grabs him and hugs him tightly again)

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-caps: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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